Arma Bohemia, the Living-History & Reenactment shop was founded in 1995 by the swordmaster Jan Fantys and the cascadeur Jakub Malovany. The first shop was in Romainmotier (Switzerland) in a XIIIth century stronghold. Now it is presented with its website.

The Czech Republic, a small country in the heart of Europe, has a long crafts tradition of making arms and equipment. Together, more than 50 men and women artisan-craftspeople are now presenting their skills and experience.

Our goods are based on information from old manuscripts, various scientific documents,     museums, special stage performing needs or film special effects.    

Arma Bohemia cannot of course introduce itself only throuhg this website to present our whole range of products and production capacities. In fact, about 80% of our production is made for clients´ special wishes and specifications.   

Do not hesitate to contact us: send a copy of a manuscript, your own drawing or a photograph to obtain our answer with our production possibilities, price estimation, possible time of delivery and other details. These website will be periodicaly opdated with new pictures and categories. You are welcome to visit our site regularly.

Jakub Malovany